Wendy rubin poker. Learn How to Play and Deal at Flatirons Casino School – Flatiron – New York – DNAinfo


Wendy rubin poker. Learn How to Play and Deal at Flatirons Casino School – Flatiron – New York – DNAinfo

ABOUT CARDPLAYER, THE POKER AUTHORITY JERZAK is the world’s oldest and most well respected poker magazine and online poker guide. Since , CardPlayer. Learn How to Play and Deal at Flatiron’s Casino School. said founder Wendy Rubin. Rubin, a longtime New Yorker and a poker player by hobby. An accomplished poker player in her own right, Big Deal Casino Academy owner Wendy Rubin is hoping to capitalize on northeast casino expansion by training tomorrow.

Casino pro offers poker advice

She was inspired by New York State’s expansion of gambling, including three Las Vegas-style casino resorts recently approved to open upstate. And she’ll offer a course aimed at Wall Streeters that focuses on game theory, something she says is useful in trading. But it’ll also be a place where New Yorkers can casually learn how to play each of the games, with classes for levels from beginner to advanced and tips on how to “beat the odds,” Rubin said. The idea, said Rubin, a self-described entrepreneur, is to train students to become dealers in a variety of casino games including craps, poker, roulette and blackjack. She didn’t have exact pricing available yet for the certificate program or the classes.

 Interesting Fact about casino


  • Croupier’s clothes are given out by the casino. There are no pockets there, so you can not hide or steal chips.
  • The annual profit from the gaming industry in the US is 18 billion dollars.

Wendy Rubin Poker Tournament Updates

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Poker saved my life

I am probably the only one to remember it even took place. There are many advantages in every day life learned from playing poker. One quickly learns the value of sound play. One quickly learns the value of money. One quickly learns the value giving away information, and collecting information. Having a poker face goes a long way in not giving away information. In my case I believe having a poker face once saved my life.

I was visiting a city where English was not the preferred language. I tried to learn a little of the language before arriving, but there was not enough time, and I am a slow learner of languages. I learned just enough to have a semi-intelligent conversation with a three year old, if they do not try to impress me with their command of the language. As tourists we tend to wander around and go places where the locals fear to tread.

I was one of those wandering tourists, wandering around where no one who has any concern for life and limb would be wandering. Poker does take some amount of risk acceptance, but I unknowingly crossed the risk line as a tourist. I had wandered into a seedy area of town, to a bar where some really bad people hung out. Not only did they hang out there, but they openly discussed business I unfortunately discovered.

Business that was not healthy for anyone else to hear. In my own ignorance, I did not know the place was seedy, nor did I know it was a haunt of some very serious people of criminal intent. All I wanted was a cold beer, and a break from the heat. It was a rather small bar with only five or six tables. I bought a beer at the bar and sat down at a table.

Close by were four men who were in guarded, halted conversation. Two of the men had their backs to me. Sometimes we make poor decisions One of the men with his back to me was angry and impatient, I thought by the tone of his speech. I also understood enough to know this was a conversation I should not be hearing. I was becoming nervous. A lone tourist off the beaten path sitting next to serious men talking about a criminal situation. After a few minutes of back and forth conversation, one of the men with his back to me realized someone was sitting behind him — in hearing range.

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